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St. Louis Truck Accidents Lawyers

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Truck accident cases present challenges not experienced in other types of motor vehicle accident cases. Because the trucking industry is heavily regulated, an accident involving a truck is significantly more complex than an automobile accident case.

Anyone who has been affected by a truck crash needs a lawyer with tremendous experience. At Kolker & Germeroth, L.L.C., we know how to lead the investigation into the cause of the accident and help you collect the maximum amount allowed under the law.

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Types of Injuries

Truck accidents are often more likely to cause serious injuries than other types of motor vehicle accidents. Because of the sheer size of tractor trailers, the following types of serious injuries are common:

Accordingly, compensation should go beyond just prior medical expenses and lost wages - it should also include money to cover future earnings and, in the case of debilitating injuries, future treatments.

We work with life care planning experts to assess how much money our clients will need in the future. We also put great emphasis on the effect serious injuries and deaths have on the victims' families. Our mission is to help families in every way we can.

Wide-Ranging Knowledge

Besides using our attorneys' extensive legal and engineering knowledge in every truck accident case, we also work with well-credentialed experts in accident reconstruction, video enhanced reenactment, relevant medical specialties, etc. Our firm is well-known for doing everything we can to build a strong case.

Truck Industry Regulations

Truckers and trucking companies must follow a whole host of state and federal regulations, covering everything from driver fatigue to weight limits to truck maintenance. If, in our investigation, we discover that they have violated any of these regulations, we can show that they are to blame for the accident.

Demonstrating the negligence of semi truck drivers and companies is only part of our job. We must also show that we can take a case to court at any time. Only under the threat of litigation will opponents provide the full compensation you need. Because we are well-known for our trial experience, we frequently procure large settlements that cover a wide range of damages.

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